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If you’re into classic rock, you’ve probably heard of the “classic rock” forums. But what are they, and how can you join them? You can find out in this article! The articles below will explore the era and the music that defined it. Learn about the sounds, origins, and lead singers of this genre, and how you can make your voice heard among the crowd. Here are a few of the most popular ones.

Music from the “classic rock” era

The term “classic rock” refers to the musical era that spanned the 1960s through the 1980s. It’s a distinctly American genre whose sound reflects the era it was born in. Music from this period is considered to be timeless and transcendent. While the genre itself is no longer a distinct genre, many of the songs that dominated the era have become classics.

Guitar sound

Classic rock is often described as an “instrumental” genre, and the primary instruments are guitar, bass, and the lead singer. However, many of the genre’s bands also used keyboards and other instruments, particularly in the subgenres known as New Wave and teen-pop. Classic rock guitar sounds almost always feature distortion, fuzz, or overdrive. Regardless of style or label, classic rock bands often went against the grain of the society they were a part of and created a certain image in their music that appealed to teenagers.

Lead singers

While lead singers in rock bands are generally the only ones responsible for songwriting, some share the responsibility with the guitarist. In many cases, the lead guitarist is also the lead singer and co-founder. Alice in Chains’ lead guitarist, Jerry Cantrell, has been a co-vocalist, as has Underoath’s drummer Aaron Gillespie. The lead singers of Blink-182 and the Temptations have alternated on vocal duties, and a lead guitarist in a band has often co-written lyrics with them.

In rock music, a lead singer is typically one of the band members. Other members of the band may contribute background vocals or harmonies, but the singer has the main role. During the classic rock era, there was often more than one lead singer. Some of the greatest bands of all time used several lead singers. These bands are often referred to as multi-lead bands. But, not all multi-lead singer groups are equal.


The origins of classic rock are largely obscure, but they are certainly fascinating. This musical genre originated on US radio stations and was designed to appeal to older audiences, and to maintain listening figures. Now, classic rock is essentially repackaged music that isn’t relevant to younger generations. But what are the origins of classic rock? There are several theories that explain the growth of classic rock in the past half century. In this article, we’ll explore some of the key elements of classic rock.

Streaming platforms

The classic rock community has long benefited from the presence of streaming platforms that provide access to the most iconic concerts from the genre’s history. With the rise of streaming services, most fans can now listen to their favourite artists’ shows, even if they don’t own a physical copy. YouTube subscribers can watch an Elvis Presley concert special for free. The streaming service also offers a variety of albums and tracks, allowing fans to piece together the playlists they love.

Internet sources

The Hoffman site is full of reactionary lunacy. While its moderators don’t do much to stop this, they do ban people for pointing out their idiocy. There’s no real focus on a classic rock on this site, and that’s reflected in a poll that confirms it. Nonetheless, the Hoffman site does provide some information about classic rock. For example, it lists its own moderators as “gorts,” which is a common occurrence on classic rock forums.

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