Why Is There a Need to Plug in Dash Cams in Your Car?

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The technology of car accessories has advanced significantly. Dashboard cameras are now becoming increasingly popular among car owners and drivers. There are two main reasons behind using dash cams. One is to avoid chaotic situations in traffic or an accident. The second reason is to record the footage in front of your car. 

What Is a Dash Cam?

Car cameras are a convenient and, in most cases, life-saving tool. It enables you to record the footage in front of the car. In some car models, it is also present behind the car. As you drive, it works by using the vehicle as its source of power. It starts to record the video when the car is on. It will also function when hardwiring it into the car or detecting a motion. 

These innovative accessories for car can record all the time and capture any footage of any incident. It is usually helpful in cases of an accident or any unexpected situation. This device is of utmost importance when it comes to capturing footage of reckless driving. The camera will work as long as it has power and remains on. 

Dash Cams– Do They Record All the Time?

The dashboard cameras can start recording videos as soon as it gets power. Certain cameras enable you to operate them manually. While some can turn itself on as soon as it detects motion. They power up as soon as you plug them into a 12V source of power. 

You can even hardwire it into the fuse box of the car. Depending on the characteristics of your camera, you might be able to record when the car is off. It happens when you hardwire the camera for power or hook it into an accessory port that is constantly on.

There are a few circumstances in which your dash cam won’t always capture. The dash cam may stop recording if you switch it off or if it loses power for various reasons. This usually happens when there is a lose connection or broken cord.

Can Dash Cameras Function When the Car Is Off?

When the cameras get power from a standard accessory outlet, they won’t function when your car is off. Usually, the dashboard cameras need constant power to keep functioning. So, even when the car is off, some models can operate if they get power. Cars come with an accessory port, and you may connect your camera to it. It powers the camera all the time. 

Some people also hardwire the device into the car’s fuse box directly to keep it functioning. In both these cases, you must ensure to choose a dash cam that comes with an auto turn-off feature. It automatically disables the camera after a certain period and protects its battery. If you hardwire the camera, you may install a low-voltage protection kit. It can protect your car’s battery. 

If you have a hardwired source that remains on, the advanced security features of your car can benefit you. The motion sensors trigger the dash camera and automatically turn on and start recording any activity around the car.

Power Options of Your Dashboard Camera

Dashboard cameras, a popular automotive accessory, bring many benefits for drivers. Read on to learn about the various power options to operate your car camera. 

  • Cigarette Socket Power Cable– The easiest way to power the dash camera is through a cigarette socket power cable. Most devices come with it, and you plug it into the camera. You have to plug the other end into the cigarette socket. It is noteworthy that your camera will function only when the car is on. It stops functioning when you turn off the car. 

This ensures to save your car battery. So, if you want the camera to work only when the car is on, this is the best power option for you. 

  • Hard Wire Kit– To reap more benefits from a car dashboard camera, hard wiring is the best option. It ensures to keep your car safe even when you leave it unattended. The motion detection or parking mode features on a camera need constant power. To hard wire a dash cam, you must do it via the car’s fuse box. 
  • Dash Camera Battery Packs– You can even operate a car camera using a dedicated battery pack. This setup is easy and cost-effective. If you are looking for a basic parking mode option, this one can be your best bet. It can also save your car battery. 

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