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The Ginseng Fascination


The history of Ginseng is over 2000 years, when it exceptional health benefits were discovered. Today ginseng is a very well-known supplement with its wonderful benefits widely acknowledged across the world. However it must be accepted that the popularity of Ginseng. The world over is mainly as a great product only for men i.e. Ginseng. It’s usage is mainly limited only for men towards Sexual Arousal, sexual performance enhancer, a product to prevent premature ejaculation with better stay time increase,  besides improving sperm count.

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Since most products are driven by market size, the other equally great Korean Ginseng Benefits for women have always been ignored as a super product for female sexual health & a product to nourish skin from within as well.

Why Female Sexual Health Matters & So Does Their Skin?


Female sexual health has been a topic of neglect over the centuries. The focus on sexual satisfaction has always been considered as the sole right & privilege of males only, howsoever pathetic their performance in actual may be, leaving women to fend for themselves. However with society becoming more open and awake towards sexual requirements of women. As well,  a lot of innovative products are now available worldwide to ensure better orgasmic pleasure for women equally.

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One of the products which is great for overall physical, mental, sexual & dermatological health of women is Ginseng. Unlike the general perception built over the years for this wonder supplement only for men, Ginseng is equally suitable & beneficial for women and offers great benefits to increase overall body strength, energy, vitality & boosting the overall immune system. Not only this, Ginseng is great, for women as it helps them to improve their sexual desire, enhancing arousal  & acts as a great natural aphrodisiac in women too.


Not only this, the benefits of Ginseng extend beyond the generic sexual domain, as a Wonder Food for the skin. Loaded with ingredients which have a very strong Anti-Oxidant properties, the benefits of Ginseng are unparallel for its Anti-Ageing properties, which in turn offer benefits for enhancing overall skin texture & internal nourishment, an area which very few are aware of Ginseng. So Ginseng has great benefits for women too.


The Ginseng Confusion. Who’s The Hero In The Crowd?


Today there are several types of Ginseng products available all over the market. Some of these are Chinese, American, Asian, Korean, Indian, Black or White Ginseng types. To compound the confusion further these are available in price range of INR 400/-  to INR 2500/-. Furthermore, there are packing of 30’s, 60’s, 90’s or 100’s as well. Some are available as Tablets & some as Capsules. The buyer is many a times left confused on which one to decide for & which will be the best product for the expected results? Therefore there is always a confusion where to buy Korean Red Ginseng or which Ginseng to buy?

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One factor which needs to be kept in mind is the ‘Key Ingredients’.  The properties of Ginseng for which it is so well known. These two ingredients are Ginsenosides & Compound-K. Both these ingredients are the ones which provide the properties to Ginseng that it is acknowledged for worldwide. Higher the amount of Ginsenosides, more is the level of Compound-K leading to more safety & efficacy of the product. Where the value of Ginsenosides in most Ginseng brands stands at around 10-18, Red Korean Ginseng has the highest levels & concentration of Ginsenosides at 38 in it.


Because of this Red Korean Ginseng also has the highest amount of Compound-K which offers exceptional Anti-Ageing, Skin & dermatological benefits in comparison to any other available form of Ginseng. The wonderful benefits of Ginseng for females are unparalleled.

The Red Korean Ginseng Advantage


Exceptional demand for Ginseng in the world market has led to a large scale commercialization of the Ginseng Crop. The Chinese, American & Asian Ginsengs can be cultivated & harvested easily within a few months. So as a cash crop these Ginseng forms are sold freely. The world over however losing their core properties in the process of Ginseng. However amongst all these crops, Red Korean Ginseng takes around 6 years for one harvest. It is therefore not as easily & freely available unlike other forms, thereby leading to escalation in its availability & price.

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But although Pure & Original Red Korean Ginseng is comparatively more expensive in its price, however its results are far superior as compared to any other form of Ginseng available in the market today. The high presence of the key elements Ginsenosides & Compound-K in Red Korean Ginseng are a great advantage to extract its overall health benefits to the maximum potential.

So be specific in your choice for Ginseng & see where you can buy Red Korean Ginseng from?

How To Use Red Korean Ginseng & It’s Precautions?


For best benefits on women for overall health, sexual health & skin benefits, the safest and best way to consume Red Korean Ginseng 400 MG Vegetarian Capsules is in the morning 30 to 45 minutes after breakfast with water. It is advisable to avoid having Red Korean Ginseng in the evening as it can cause sleep disturbances. Also patients on blood thinners like Warfarin or pregnant or lactating women must avoid any form of Ginseng.

Red Korean ginseng precautions

So now that you know about all the wonderful health benefits of Red Korean Ginseng in women, look for the right brand to buy & get ready to energize yourself. Go ahead & harvest all the health benefits of this wonder supplement used & loved over the centuries.


After all Red Korean Ginseng enhances your beauty from the inside.


Stay Happy, Stay Healthy…


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