The Latest Feature Additions To Gojek Clone On Demand App

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The greatest accomplishment of the advanced times is the capacity to depend on innovation for every one of one’s necessities. With the start of a development where an ever increasing number of individuals are moving to a solitary application instead of going for various applications for various purposes.  Numerous designers all over the planet are fostering their own on demand multi service application like the Gojek clone applications which can take care of different services utilizing a solitary application. The introduction of the Gojek Clone application ended up working with this very need.

The Gojek Clone application is one of the world’s most impressive applications that has made numerous services open to the clients simply by utilizing a solitary application. The application is bifurcate into various segments, each partitioned into services such as on demand Taxi booking services, on demand food ordering services, on demand service provider for hire like on demand doctor, on demand beautician and more, on demand grocery shopping and delivery, on demand parcel delivery, on demand personal shopper and much more.

Think of this app as a market place that is place on a digital platform instead of physical real estate. People can buy or sell their services here by giving out details regarding their experience, their expertise.  The price that they are willing to accept jobs at, the price that they are comfortable offering jobs at. The kind of star rating and reviews that they have been award so far.

This format has worked wonders in this industry. Apart from the fact that giving the industry the fuel of digital capacity which facilitates greater market penetration.  It has also helped many interested entrepreneurs to build their own brand and establish a brand new business for themselves.

In this blog post today, we will refrain from discussing the factors that contribute towards the popularity of the app and instead focus on identifying.  And speaking about the top feature additions to the app in the year 2022.


The Gojek clone app is by far the most popular and profitable on demand mobile app framework that facilitates the procurement and sale of on demand services. The app has garnered a lot of respect in the industry because it is so beneficial for the users that can access over 82 services through a single platform.  For the service providers as they can get more number of jobs and for the entrepreneurs because they get to make a whole lot of money each time someone uses the app to hire any kind of service.

But as technology moves forward, so does consumer behavior. In order to make sure that the Gojek clone app suited the current market trends and consumer patterns.  The latest Gojek clone app for 2022 is more feature rich than ever. Let us take a look at some of the top features that have been added to the app in 2022.

  1. New Sign In and Sign Up Process which allows users to log in either by using their social media profiles or even through facial recognition in iOS and fingerprint recognition in Android.
  2. New design and layout which is even more user friendly and navigable for the users as well as service providers.
  3. Multiple credit card or debit card management, in case the user wishes to use more than one cards on the app.
  4. Option to Take Away from stores post purchase instead of getting it delivered to your doorstep.
  5. Contactless delivery to ensure maintenance of hygiene and avoidance of physical contact.
  6. Facebook and Google Ads integration.

As times are rapidly changing, so is the need of the market. In order to make sure that your app too is a practical solution that the people can use and find comfortable.  Make sure that your Gojek clone app has all these features.


This plan of action has been around for some time now. Since numerous clients are not wincing from relocating to a solitary application by eliminating different ones.  Many savvy business people have perceived the significance of utilizing a multi service application, for example, the Gojek Clone.

Presently, the best thing about this business is that there is a prior application accessible in the market which implies that you don’t need to worry about making your own application without any preparation. With the assistance of the instant application, you can test it completely prior to sending off the business.

Assuming you make your application without any preparation, you can not test it appropriately until it is totally prepared. All things considered, assuming you really want to make any sort of changes in its flow or elements. You should test it out and afterward work on it. That can turn out to be extravagant, also tedious because that would involve a lot of reworking and wasted man hours.


The web is a genuine spot of wizardry and miracle. You can get details on just about anything that you need information on by using search engines like Google. As an entrepreneur who is interested in starting their own business with the help of the Gojek Clone App, the first thing that you might do is to go ahead and Google the best options of the Gojek clone app available for purchase in the market.

You’ll be surprised to find that there are hundreds of thousands of options available in the market.  That are all made differently and have different features. Please note that while there are so many options available, not everyone is suitable for your particular business.

The ideal way to identify the best one that will fit your business requirements is to first study the market that you are planning to launch your app in.  And then to compare its needs with the features presented by the multiple options in front of you.

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