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Guess the time it takes to build an app from the ground up. A year maybe? Dear entrepreneurs, let me tell you that it takes 7 – 8 years to build a multi-service app with more than 82+ services. The process begins with designing the app, coding it, making a prototype, perfecting it, and finally coming to testing the app. Who has got so much time? Moreover, in today’s time when technology is growing rapidly, nobody can take the risk of investing 7 – 8 years of their lives and building a product that has technically become “obsolete.” Therefore, to quickly launch the app and become the next on-demand industry leader, you need to launch the Gojek Clone.

How the Clone App Script Will Help You Kickstart a New Venture? 

The clone app script is a pre-built or ready-made solution. The entrepreneur only needs to purchase the script and ask the white-labeling experts to rebrand and personalize it according to the business needs. Developing and launching the ready-made app takes only 1 to 2 weeks. This means entrepreneurs can start earning real money soon! 

Here are some advantages of purchasing an on-demand app solution script: 

  1. It is affordable 

The Gojek Clone script is affordable as compared to building the application from scratch. It hardly costs more than a four-figure investment to purchase the app and get it white-labeled. 

In brief, purchasing a ready-made script is the best option for entrepreneurs who are tight on a budget and don’t want to splurge their savings on app development. Without a Doubt, it is the Smart Login Feature of KingX 2022 Super App. 

  2. It is pre-built and thus, saves your time

As already mentioned, this is a pre-built on-demand app solution. It thus takes only 1 to 2 weeks to build the app. Rather than spending half of your life designing and coding the app, you use all those years to earn millions in profits and establish a multi-billion dollar company. 

To summarize, purchasing the clone app script will bring together money plus time, to give you success! 

  3. It pre-integrates all the features 

The best part is that the Gojek Clone script comes integrated with all the features. It is good for the entrepreneurs because then they don’t have to worry about missing out on a trending feature. The app already contains the best features there could be such as: 

  • Online payments 
  • Choosing a preferred language and currency 
  • Innovative login with Face ID and Fingerprint Scanning 
  • Real-time service bidding with professionals
  • GPS tracking system 
  • Video calling option 

Now that you are planning to launch the app to offer more than 82+ on-demand services, it is time to purchase the script. But before you do that, it is highly recommended to test the demo app. 

Take the Gojek Clone Demo App Test Drive 

Testing the demo app will give you a broader view of what this app is and how it works. You must take a look at all the features and functions of the app before you launch it. Try how it works in the real environment. 

Take your time to look around and operate every corner of the app. It is only then can you:

  • Realize what customizations you want to do
  • Where to place the company’s name and logo 
  • Which services and features to integrate 


On the whole, purchasing the Gojek Clone is the best solution for you to stand in line with your peers. It is a less time-consuming and more money-making app. So, why not take the opportunity and kick-start a new venture? That is why, Contact a Top Notch White Labeling Firm like Cubetaxi Right
Away and Brighten your Future.

Get in touch with a white-labeling firm that has already launched 1200+ apps!

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