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Jaya Kishori is basically an Indian-based musician and spiritual orator. She is well-recognized by the general public for her inspiring presentations and motivational records. That being said, it is indeed worth mentioning that Jaya Kishori is also commonly recognized as the Meera of the modern generation. There is no denying the fact that Jaya Kishori has set her name firm as one of the most popular women in India in the present times.

In this article, we have tried our best to mention everything there is about Jaya Kishori, including the age, height, weight, wiki, bio, Jaya Kishori brother, net worth, Jaya Kishori husband name, Jaya Kishori age, and other latest updates concerning this well-known Indian personality. So, without any unwanted delay, allow us to introduce you to the amazing personality and other crucial details of Jaya Kishori!

Everything One Needs to Comprehend About Jaya Kishori

Jaya Kishori

As mentioned previously, Jaya Kishori is an Indian-based professional spiritual orator as well as a musician. As far as the cause of her being so famous is concerned, one should be well aware of the fact that she is known for releasing her religious-focusing albums and various other inspiring talks and speeches.

In addition to this, another point worth noticing about the life of Jaya Kishori is that she has been given a lot of other names as well by the general public apart from her real name. Some of such names include ‘Meera of the Modern World’ and Kishori Ji. Some of the most popular albums for which Jaya Kishori has sung in her singing career include ‘Hits of Jaya Kishori,’ ‘Shiv Stotra,‘ and ‘Tharo Khatu Pyaro.’

Aside from this, as a fan of the well-known Indian star, recognized by the name Jaya Kishori, one should also comprehend the fact that she is also admired for her discourses. That being said, it should be noted that till now, Jaya Kishori has completed approximately 350 discourses. However, most of the discourses that Jaya Kishori has done have a religious or spiritual aspect in them.

What is the Actual Net Worth of Jaya Kishori? 

According to various credible sources on the internet and our thorough research, the actual net worth of this popular Indian-based singer, also recognized by the name Jaya Kishori, is expected to be somewhere around $500,000 USD. That being said, one might wonder, what is the main source of income for Jaya Kishori?

So, we are here to answer this question as well for you here! As mentioned previously, Jaya Kishori is a well-recognized Indian singer, so her major source of income comes from singing religious or spiritual-related songs and singing bhajans.

All About the Age of Jaya Kishori 

We cannot deny the fact that there have been a lot of questions concerning the Jaya Kishori age. As far as the early life of Jaya Kishori is concerned, it is no more hidden from the public that she was brought up and born in a middle-class yet well-settled family household-based primarily in Kolkata, India (the region of West Bengal). Jaya Kishori came into this world on 13th July 1995.

In accordance with her date of birth as mentioned here, the exact age of Jaya should be somewhere around 26 years.

What is the Educational Background of Jaya Kishori? 

While talking about the educational background of this well-known Indian singer, recognized by the name Jaya Kishori, one should be well aware of the fact that Jaya Kishori completed her primary as well as secondary education in her hometown Kolkata, India. (the region of West Bengal). As a teenager, Jaya Kishori used to go to Shri Shikshayatan College, located in Kolkata, India.

In addition to this, she also joined the Mahadevi Birla World Academy, located in Kolkata, West Bengal, India. For her later studies and advanced educational qualifications, Mahadevi Birla World Academy, Kolkata, West Bengal, decided to join the University of Kolkata, located in the West Bengal region. From this University, Mahadevi Birla World Academy, Kolkata, West Bengal, completed the degree of B.com in bachelors.

About the Family Background of Jaya Kishori 

We have already mentioned that Jaya Kishori was brought up in a well-settled and rich family. Her family actively follows the religion of Hinduism, and Brahmin is their cast. As far as the nationality of the family of Jaya Kishori is concerned, it is also worth mentioning that Jaya Kishori’s family comprises all Indians.


Jaya Kishori is an Indian-based motivational speaker, religious leader, orator, musician, and singer. She initiated her singing career when she was just seven years old. However, she started gaining fame after singing the Sundara Kanda at the age of just ten years old.

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