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Brie Shaffer is an American-based screenwriter and actress. The major reason for her being so popular on social media is her marriage to one of the renowned and well-recognized actors and musicians in the film industry, known by the name Michael Pena.

Michael Pena has played some active roles in various hit movies, such as Gangster Squad, World Trade Centre, Crash, and American Hustle. Brie Shaffer, on the other hand, is also known for her valuable roles in some movies/series, such as ‘In a Silent Way’ and ‘Some Girl.’

In this writing, we aim to enlighten you with the age, bio, height, weight, wiki, net worth, ethnicity, nationality, and various other crucial details of Brie Shaffer. So, allow us to entertain you here without any unwanted delay!

Focusing On the Early Life of Brie Shaffer 

Who Is 'MCU' Actor Michael Pena's Wife?


Brie Shaffer was born somewhere in the early 1970s in the United States of America (Southern California). Nevertheless, any information regarding her exact date of birth is not yet available on the internet. Although she is recognized as Brie Shaffer, her exact birth name is Andrea Shaffer.

Brie Shaffer found her interest in both acting and writing at a very young age. That being said, it should be noted that she had the desire to work as an upstanding actress and in the production sector of movies at the same time. With respect to her acting interests, Brie Shaffer produced three major student-based movies during her college life in which she performed the role of the director.

Nevertheless, Brie Shaffer was not fortunate enough to be granted chances in her acting career after graduating from college. Anyhow, she did work for a promising series in association with Fox, although her role was of temporary nature.

Details About the Professional Life and Career of Michael Pena Wife 

Brie Shaffer has indeed set her name firm in the film sector as an upstanding screenwriter, actress, producer, and director. In the year 1998, Brie Shaffer played a crucial role as a writer for the movie named ‘Some Girls.’ Aside from this, the valuable role of Brie Shaffer in the movie ‘In a Silent Way’ should also be recognized and appreciated. In the same way, Brie Shaffer has also been the director of three successful student-based movies during her college life.

As far as the association of Brie Shaffer with Fox is concerned, it should be noted that she played a critical role in the TV Series ‘Pilot’ that aired on Fox. As long as the hobbies of Brie Shaffer are concerned, there is no denying the fact that she is a decent poet and artist as well. Nevertheless, her current projects or workings are not evident to the general public.

What is the Reason for Being Famous For Brie Shaffer? 

It is surely a well-known fact that Brie Shaffer is famous and well-recognized for being the wife of Michael Pena, who has got success in various valuable fields during the course of his professional career.

The notorious actor has actively taken part in a significant number of movies and TV shows of the current era. One of the best contributions of Michael Pena involve his role as Ernesto in the movie ‘My Fellow Americans.’

Everything You Ought to Know About the Net Worth of Michael Pena Wife 

Michael Pena’s Wife Brie Shaffer, has an estimated net worth of about $200,000 USD. With reference to her professional career as an upstanding actress, producer, director, and screenwriter, she has surely earned a significant sum of money over the years.

Nevertheless, as far as the net worth of the husband of Brie Shaffer is concerned, it is indeed worth noticing that Michael Pena has a remarkable net worth of approximately $12 million USD. So, as of now, Brie Shaffer is enjoying the multi-dollar fortune of her husband, Michael Pena.

All About the Relationship Status of Brie Shaffer 

Brie Shaffer tied the knot with a well-recognized actor, Michael Pena, in 2006 in a romantic wedding ceremony. The couple welcomed their first child in 2008 after two years of their marriage. So, in present times, Brie Shaffer and Michael Pena are living a happily married life with their only son, whose name is Roman Pena.

Although we do not exactly know how Brie Shaffer and Michael Pena met each other for the first time, what we do know is that the couple stayed in a relationship for quite a while before they decided to tie the knot finally.


Brie Shaffer is famous for being the wife of Michael Pena, who has an estimated net worth of $12 million dollars USD approximately.

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