How to View Comments on Twitter?

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Based on the range of remarks received at the post, it gains popularity on the platform. Good Twitter Views, People’s reactions are proven in the form of remarks. Expression of human beings is proven in phrases of aggression, negligence, ignorance, hatred, helping the view, and so on.

Twitter fans are so energetic in viewing the comments on popular posts and begin appearing upon the same. Be it IPL, Covid-19, Marvel Movies, Hollywood, Bollywood, or Politics, you’ll find all kinds of followers on the Twitter platform.

Twitter has made human beings addicted to viewing posts on exciting topics and performing upon them inside a fragment of seconds. You have to have skilled in this. If you’re a follower of the subject or a tale this is hot, you may see tons of comments as quickly as you refresh the web page.

Twitter Platform – Origination of Idea

Jack Dorsey, a co-founder of Twitter came up with an idea to build the messaging platform in 2006. He shared the idea with Evan Williams and Biz Stone, co-founders of Odeo, a podcasting agency. They liked the idea and advised Jack to move for a similar development of this assignment.

Twitter Features

Twitter affords a list of interesting capabilities.

You can submit a tweet in the shape of a video, photograph, poll, or simple textual content messages with hashtags. You can also ship personalised tweets in which you could set the contact settings who can reply to your tweets.

Bookmarks – You can bookmark the tweets posted with the aid of your contacts or in public. If it unearths your interest, you may bookmark the tweet. This allows you to locate the specific tweet without problems.

Direct Messages – You can send personalised messages to businesses or touch out of your Twitter account. You will receive a response from the group inside the messages. Basically, the verbal exchange happens one-to-one without getting the general public into the communication.

Poll – This is the maximum interesting function. You can send a tweet in terms of Poll. Create a poll and get humans voting at the poll. You can set up the range of selections, and periods to keep the poll lively and post.

Follow / Unfollow – You can comply with or unfollow the tweets published by using your contacts.

Hashtags – Another thrilling function that Twitter introduced is a hashtag. The tweets containing the most used hashtags end up trending and are proven inside the Trending segment of your Twitter web page.

Topics – Twitter topics show you advised subjects based totally on your profile. It is your choice whether or not you want to comply with any of the subjects from the counselled ones.

You can also move the subjects to Not Interested. You can also discover extra subjects.

Moments – Twitter gives every other vital detail, called Moments. You can create it as an event. You can membership you’re a couple of tweets and add them to your Moments. Give it a title and select to submit it later. If your profile is not public, you’ll now not be able to proportion moments on Good Twitter Views.

The list consists of a collection of contributors with a call and an outline. Only the members of the listing can view the tweets. Once your cause of retaining the listing is over, you could delete it.

Twitter Profile

It also consists of the remember of followers you’ve got and the count number of contacts you’re following on Good Twitter Views.

You can view your profile call and add the profile photo that is visible to visitors of your profile.
A brief description you have got set as who you were when you joined Twitter and your place are some of the vital facts of your profile.

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