How to Make Good Coffee with Hard Water: Simple Guide

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An excellent mug of coffee takes skill to prepare. With the appropriate advice, methods and practice, it’s simple to brew a flavorful cup of coffee. There are number of things that can affect quality of your coffee and water used is one of them. 

We are often asked questions regarding can we brew coffee with hard water and if yes, what is the best way to make coffee with hard water. First thing first, it is not recommend brewing coffee with hard water, for making coffee you have to make water soft either by boiling it or by using water softening pouches.

What is hard water, and how does it affect the brewing of coffee?

Water with a larger percentage of minerals, like magnesium and calcium, is referred to as hard water. Certain minerals could interfere severely with the taste of coffee and may also result in damaging your coffee maker. 

However, it is a good thing that hard water can be filtered to make coffee brewing easier. It won’t be too troublesome if you use are using water filter or a hard water coffee maker.

How to brew excellent coffee using hard water?

With few simple steps you can address the issue of hard water, making it much suitable for making coffee. Here are some of the tips to resolve the problem of hard water:

  • Utilize a water filtration system to minimize the possibility of facing brewing issues by filtering out some minerals.
  • Use a water softening pooches that help dissolve unwanted minerals from water.
  • Instead of hard water, use distilled water, which has had all of its minerals removed by boiling and then cooling it. If you’re neighborhood has hard water issue then this is the most viable options.

Why it is important to get a hard water coffee maker?

Before making coffee with hard water, it is important to be cautions. When selecting a coffee maker for hard water, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Choose a coffee maker first that has an installed water filter. This feature will remove any assess minerals in the water prior to having them get deposited on the coffee maker’s heating coil.

Secondly, opt for appliances made of stainless steel, such materials discourage clogging and resists mineral buildup.

It is also better to look for self-cleaning features with programmable water settings, this makes maintenance of your coffee maker much easy. If your water is very hard, then it is ideal to used filtered water or store-bought water, which could help you avoid such issues.


If I don’t have a filter, how can I make coffee with hard water?

Anyone can brew a decent cup of coffee with hard water even when you don’t have a filteration system. Just remember to boil water before use or simple use water softening pooches to remove excess mineral deposits from water.

Will making coffee with hard water change its flavor?

Hard water can make your coffee taste bitter, yet the affect is not detrimental. In fact, some people even prefer coffee brewed with hard water over that brewed with soft water.

Final Thoughts

It’s a skill to prepare an excellent cup of coffee, but still it does not need to be complicated. Simply use fresh, boiled water when brewing coffee with hard water. If your coffee taste bad due to the unwanted minerals in hardwater then you can either opt for a water filtration system or some water softener.

With these tips you may now have an idea of how you can use hard water for good making coffee.

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