Why Is Geisha Coffee Popular And So Expensive

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If you have heard a barista saying, “ Geisha is first, followed by the rest,” and wondered what all the hype is about, this post is a must-read for you.

Do you know?

In 2019, the prices of Geisha reached a record high of $1029 per pound. Confused? Yes, we are talking about here.

If you are wondering why Geisha is so popular and is it worth the hefty price? Then keep on reading as we discuss everything from rare, exotic, and exquisite coffee phenomena related to this Geisha coffee.

But to refer to Geisha as just mere “coffee beans” would be short of blasphemy for many a barista. No matter what metric you use- price, taste, aroma- this rare bean usually comes out on top.

What’s Special about Geisha Coffee?

Geisha entered the coffee world in 2004, when some in Hacienda la Esmeralda, Panama, noticed some plants exhibit superior disease resistance. Earlier, Geisha coffee beans were processed with others, but for the first time in 2004, they were processed separately. After processing, it was found that the coffee beans are slightly elongated, and that’s how Geisha coffee beans came into existence.

The newly born coffee tastes similar to the coffee variety grown in Ethiopia, especially those coffee beans that are naturally processed. Later, when the research was conducted, it was established that the origin of the Geisha coffee was an Ethiopian variety.

Now, the question arises: is Geisha worth trying?

With so much hype around this coffee brand, it’s natural to be a little skeptical. Since there are plenty of other best-quality coffee options, is a single cup of Geisha worth the trouble? Not to mention the exorbitant amount you have to pay for a single cup. Is it worth trying?

If you’re a coffee connoisseur and searching for a perfect cup of coffee, then Geisha is worth the trouble. There is no denying that you have to pay a higher price as Geisha coffee is a premium product. Treat yourself with a cup of Geisha ( or Gesha) coffee, one of the best beverages available worldwide.

Best Quality Geisha Coffee: Where Are They Grown And Processed?

Now, you know that Geisha coffee originates from the remote mountainside region of Panama. It is grown from a plant whose origin was later discovered from a variety grown in Ethiopia. Geisha vegetation was specific to Volcan Baru near Boquete in Panama due to fertile volcanic soil and long seasons of tropical sunlight.

Best Quality Geisha Coffee

Other popular Geisha coffee locations in Bolivia, Costa Rica, and native Ethiopia have contributed to providing astonished Geisha coffee aromas.

Central American Geisha coffee is known for offering a sweet floral to caramel Geisha variety. In contrast, the Geisha coffee variety from African plants features exotic herbal flavors and honey notes.

Is it Geisha or Gesha?

Although the name Geisha sounds similar to the Japanese Geisha, that’s not how this coffee got its name. As we already know, the origin of the coffee is the town of Geisha in Ethiopia. The question arises of how Gesha changes to Geisha. Well, the answer is pretty simple.

Ever heard about the phenomenon called exonym? When a word in one language changes to another, various alterations occur, which is exactly what happens in this case.

This is how Gesha changed to Geisha. For whatever reason, Geisha is now accepted by the international coffee community. However, the controversy continues because of the Ethiopian region Gesha where coffee is grown. Coffee consumers seem less bothered about the small variation between the Geisha or Gesha. 

Popular Geisha Variety We Have For You at Best Quality Coffee

Seeing the popularity of Geisha, coffee growers from around the world decided to try cultivating Geisha on their own. For this reason, a variety of Geisha coffee is available in the market. One important thing to understand is the flavor of Geisha vary from bean to bean; we have picked some of the most popular Geisha variety from different regions for you:

Colombian Geisha Coffee

Known for its exceptional quality and sweetness, the Colombian Geisha is a perfect balance of acidity. The coffee originates in the Huilan region, with volcanoes, mountains, and fertile soil that gives it a superior flavor. It has about 30 percent less caffeine than any other coffee variety. 

Costa Rica Geisha: Volcanica Coffee

Costa Rica Geisha Coffee beans originate from the wild coffee plantation found in Ethiopia. It is an ancient and rare coffee resistant to some diseases. The coffee variety from Costa Rica is known for gentle acidity, medium body, and silky mouthfeel. Best quality coffee provides two types of Costa Rica variety: Medium roast and Roasted when you place your order.

Amor Perfecto Luis Anibal Calderon Geisha Coffee

This coffee is known for offering an authentic coffee experience with elegant floral and lime notes. Amor Perfecto Luis Anibal Calderon Geisha Coffee is the most exotic coffee in the world. It comes from Luis Calderon, a famous coffee grower town in the State of Huila. Coffee is in high demand in Australia and is one of Huila’s most innovative coffee varieties.

Holguin Family La Inmaculada Geisha

Holguin Family La Inmaculada Geisha coffee comes directly from La Inmaculada Farm in Valle del Cauca. This coffee we offer at the best quality coffee is light to medium roast with the epitome of natural geisha flavors and floral notes. This coffee variety is one of the best available Geisha coffee in the world. Enjoy this pour-over coffee in the morning with nothing added on a comfortable chair.

Spirit Animal Coffee Geisha

This coffee delivers strong aromatics such as caramel, jasmine flowers, and fruits like strawberries. Packaged in a wooden box made in Honduras, it produces a clean, balanced, sweet, and clean cup. Spirit animal coffee is prepared using certified organic processes and is environmentally friendly.

Why Do Baristas Recommend Light or Medium Roast for Geisha Coffee?

Light or Medium Roast for Geisha Coffee

While searching for the best quality coffee, you might have seen that most of the Geisha coffee is light to medium roast. This is because when the roasting increases, it adds the flavor profile of hazelnuts and butter to the coffee.

Most Baristas recommend light or medium roast Geisha as dark roasted Geisha often tastes a bit burnt. But that doesn’t mean that dark roasted Geisha are not good for anything. 

Espresso made with dark roasted Geisha gives an aroma akin to perfume. So if you are an espresso lover, then brew Geisha with roasted hazelnuts and enjoy your cup.

Wrapping Up

This concludes our guide to Geisha coffee. Hopefully, now you know why Geisha Coffee is Popular And So Expensive. We will update this post as we add new Geisha options to the “Shop Coffee” option on our website. If you would like to share your view and recommendation with us, please let us know in the comment section. We’d love to hear what you have to say about Geisha coffee.

If you have a penchant for the best quality coffee, then we have plenty of other options for you other than Geisha coffee. Check out our list to find the best exotic coffee and enhance your coffee experience.


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