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You may have everything in your life-money, happiness, family and friends but what most miss out on is their health! Why live only 90 years when you can live up to 120 years running around and exercising instead of lying in bed with no energy left in you? So, are you wondering how to achieve this? It is not rocket science! Well, you need a famous personal trainer in New York who will handhold and train you to become fit and at the same time achieve your fitness goals! Your ticket to a healthy and happy life. The take-home quote is, ‘ Age better with a top personal trainer near me!’ Get in touch with Alex Folacci, a great trainer for men in NYC. He specializes in coaching highly successful men over 35 years in NYC!

Here are 6 Advantages of hiring a famous personal trainer in New York for men!

Advantage # 1: Add quality years to life!

Optimize your one life with the great trainer for men NYC-Alex Folacci, by your side. You will age 25% slower with the unique training workout regime by the famous personal trainer in New York. You will start looking and feeling good about yourself. The idea is that you will feel 45 when 60, 60 when 80, 75 when 100 and 90 when 120 years old! Isn’t that wonderful? Alex Folacci has studied closely what can be done to help you live longer with a quality life that includes healthy eating and drinking and bring about some critical lifestyle changes.

Advantage # 2: Increases your efficiency

You may be keeping away from a workout owing to the limited time you may have to dedicate to exercising daily. Well, what the great trainer for men in NYC does is optimizes the utilization of your available time by doing a workout that increases the efficiency of your exercise workout regime. The top personal trainer near me, like Alex Folacci, whom you may have appointed for yourself, will ensure the best utilization of every available minute!

Advantage # 3: A combination of techniques

Did you know that famous personal trainer, New York –Alex Folacci develops a workout regime for you that could include any of the nine techniques based on your body needs and fitness goals? Hence, you are not bound to choose only one kind of workout regime for yourself. It could include:

  • Powerlifting
  • Bodybuilding
  • Flexibility/Mobility/Yoga
  • Core/Abs
  • Martial Arts
  • Crossfit and HIIT
  • Running/Sprint
  • Calisthenics (Bodyweight)
  • Plyometrics

Advantage # 4: Eliminates Complacency

Yes! The great trainer for men, NYC, removes complacency from you so that you are regular and consistent on your given workout regime and nutrition. There is no space for procrastination that may have existed earlier when you chose to exercise independently. How does this happen? The famous personal trainer in New York ensures you don’t get bored by keeping a variety in your workouts so that no sessions are the same. You indeed will not feel stuck in a mundane workout regime.

Advantage # 5: Ensures Safety

Exercising without the proper guidance and know-how can do more harm than benefit. Hence, hiring the services of a personal trainer like Alex Folacci is a complete must. You are taught the proper technique of doing an exercise and even using the various equipment to stay safe from injuries and on the path to achieving your fitness goals.

Advantage # 6: Keeps you challenged

Many people have shared that, ‘ the top personal trainer near me does not make me feel stuck in my workout regime but gives exercises that keep me constantly challenged! That’s precisely what a famous personal trainer in New York like Alex Folacci does to you! In the process, you will discover your hidden limits of performing to achieve your fitness goals, which keeps you motivated.

A Quick Sum up!

A great trainer for men in NYC or a famous personal trainer can support you to:

·     Plan a workout regime that suits your body needs, fitness goals and available time.

  • Use different tools like an activity tracker to make your workout experience better.
  • Monitoring that you are doing your workout regime well and that you don’t end up overdoing it!

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