The complete guide to Start Instagram Blog in 2022

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It’s easy to set up an Instagram blog. Instagram captions are limited to 2200 characters. This is why Instagram blogging is called microblogging. A blogger with at least 15,000 followers on Instagram can make a sponsored post to earn around $200.Many people create an Instagram account intending to sell products immediately. Square Online can help you get started if this is your goal. It is the easiest way to start, and you don’t don’t pay any money until you make a sale. This is ideal for Instagram bloggers with limited time to create an ecommerce website. Start for free now. click here

1. Create an Instagram account

However, opening an Instagram account is easy and free. It takes only a few minutes. The hardest part is choosing your username. You can easily change your username on social media sites like Facebook. However, many people use their full name as a username to create a personal brand.

In just a few easy steps, you can start your Instagram account.

Download the Instagram app via Google Play (Android) or the App Store(iOS) (iPhone).

Once it has been installed, tap the Instagram symbol to view it.If you have an Android device, sign up with your phone number or email address. For iPhone users, open Settings > Accounts > Make an Account. Input your phone number. A text message will be sent to you with a verification code you need to enter. A single sign-on option can be used by choosing your Facebook login.

Instagram users can now sign up on their computers. Multiple Instagram accounts are permitted. You can have a personal and business account on Instagram (e.g., an ecommerce store or podcast).

2. Pick an Instagram blog niche.

You can grow your Instagram following by delivering what you expect. You might lose followers if you post a sponsored ad on Instagram for a chair. If you select a niche for your blog, you’re telling people who visit your Instagram account what type of content they will get if they follow.

However, it is essential to consider your niche before you choose it carefully. Although you can change your topic later, it could confuse your audience. Many Instagram bloggers start with a broad topic, such as a lifestyle blog. Then they narrow their focus to a specific niche like travel or parenthood. Many Instagram bloggers end up setting up blogs on websites, allowing them to be creative and free from character limitations.


A travel niche can allow you to be more specific. Some Instagram blogs are only focused on international travel. There are many other niches in travel, such as solo travel, plus-size travel, family travel, and traveling with pets. However, one journey Instagrammer dedicated her account to camping in the living room because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Travel bloggers on Instagram make a living hosting tour. Bloggers can also help others travel more by teaching them how to use credit cards to earn travel rewards or even selling everything you own to travel. I follow other travel bloggers on Instagram to get inspiration for new places.


Instagram lifestyle blogs often feature photos and posts about everyday activities, hobbies, and insights. They tend to focus on a handful of topics rather than writing about everything. Lifestyle bloggers, for instance, might write about money, family, travel, food, and other issues.

However, many lifestyle Instagram bloggers partner with brands to monetize their content. Sponsored posts are a common way to get paid for sharing a product-related story or Instagram post. They may also participate in affiliate programs and receive commissions for any sales they refer.


However, the topics that Instagram bloggers cover are varied. Bloggers may also highlight food they have eaten while on vacation or food prepared in a particular location, such as NYC food carts.

Instagram food bloggers can make money by writing cookbooks, partnering with brands, or creating gadgets. Sous vide bloggers may demonstrate a recipe and link to their favorite sous vide machines.

Pinch of Yum is a Minnesota couple that blogs about food. They also host workshops on food photography and manage a food blogger site where others can learn how to start their food blogs.


Money bloggers on Instagram cover a variety of topics. These topics include personal finance, credit cards, and debt repayment. They also discuss making money and investing.

Money bloggers can make money through partnerships, sponsored posts, and affiliate links. Famous bloggers in personal finance have created their tools, such as planners and budget binders. Popular money blogging monetization strategies include online coaching, consulting, and membership websites.

3. Create an exciting bio

An Instagram bio is a brief piece of text below your profile photo. Instagram profiles allow users to view your profile, photos, and posts. This is where people can follow you. You have 150 characters to show everyone who you are, your beliefs, and who you serve.

You should provide a preview of what your followers can expect from you as an Instagram blogger. Some users will provide contact information if they want to be contacted about collaboration opportunities. Some users would prefer to share their location and hobbies.

Be specific about what you highlight in your bio. You will attract people who share your values and are interested in engaging with your content if you are clear about who that is.

My Instagram bio clearly states I am a travel blogger. You can expect travel photos, homestead, and family.My Instagram bio clearly states I am a travel blogger. You can expect travel photos, homestead, and family.

4. Find or take photos that you like

Instagram is a visual platform that allows you to post photos and captions. However, your brand identity design should be used to identify your pictures. This will ensure that users recognize your style before they double-check.

This should be consistent across all your Instagram posts. This will improve the appearance of your profile. You don’t have to post your images.

However, you have many options for free stock photos, such as Pixabay and Pexels. However, although many of these images don’t don’t require attribution, double-checking each photoshoot restriction is a good idea.These Pexels photos have a similar warm feeling and look great together on an Instagram account.

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