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An online Rubik’s Cube timer is a great tool for speed-solving. It features an automatic scramble generator and analyzes training statistics to show the development of your performance. The Cube Timer adjusts itself to any screen size and is compatible with mouse, keyboard, and touchscreens. It also works on tablets. After you set up an account and start solving the cube, the timer will automatically adjust itself to the screen’s size.


If you’ve been looking for a rubik cube timer app, you’ve come to the right place! This app comes with several features that will improve your cube-solving experience, and it’s free! It supports several input methods, including automatic recording from a stackmat timer, connecting to a Bluetooth smart cube, and playing a virtual Rubik’s cube.

Many users prefer this app over others because of its many customization options. It allows you to view the drawing of the scramble, use WCA mode, export solves, and has a user-friendly interface. CsTimer is one of the best cube timer apps available for Android. Its downside is multiple ads, but it is still worth a try. So, is csTimer worth the money?

Twisty Timer

If you love solving Rubik’s cubes, you may want to download the Twisty Rukik Cube Timer for iOS. This app has a lot of useful features, including timers and categories, exporting your solves to a backup file, and transferring solves from one phone to another. Additionally, the app lets you add penalties and comments to your solves, and it is 100% free with NO ads.

While Twisty Timer is the most popular Rubik Cube timer for the Android platform, it is not the only one available. Cube Timer is another excellent option for Android users. It is easy to use and represents time in pictorial format. Although it’s accurate, the only drawback is that it has multiple advertisements that obstruct the cube timer.

YJ Pocket Timer

YJ is a company famous for its excellent economy cubes. Its pocket-sized timer is no exception. It works by detecting your hands and triggering the timer when you approach the cube. This device uses an infrared sensor that detects movement of your hands. Simply place both hands within four centimeters of the cube’s sides, wait for the timer’s indicator to turn green, and lift both hands to start the timer. The timer also has a function button that shows average solves in 5 minutes. The YJ Pocket Timer is made of smooth plastic and has an infrared sensor.

YJ Pocket Timer is a great timer for people who like to solve Rubik’s cubes. It tracks time of each solved puzzle in a pictorial format. It is compatible with all three-dimensional cubes, including the popular 3x3x3 cube. It also tracks multiple solve times and is compatible with various cube sizes, including the 6x6x6. Users will find the interface easy to navigate and use.

SpeedStacks G4 Pro Timer

If you’re looking for the best Rubik cube timer, you’ve probably considered a SpeedStacks model. These timers are the best in the market until now. They combine a detachable Competition Timer with a high-sensitive touchpad. And while they are pricey, they’re well worth the cost. Read on to learn more about this timer and find out why it’s so good.

The SpeedStacks G4 timer has all of the features of its predecessors, and it is also compatible with computers and displays. The new model has a redesigned design that reduces the distance you have to travel to pick up and put down the puzzles. Its build quality is second to none. It is the perfect companion for anyone serious about the sport. While you’re at it, you’ll find yourself using it frequently!

Chao Timer

You can find a lot of timer apps on the app stores but none are quite as professional looking as the Chao timer Rubik cube timer. It is best to check out the reviews of the apps before you decide on which one to download. In addition to its great design, this timer also allows you to add a cube name and other information to your device. The following are the best timer apps for cubes:

This is the most professional cube timer available. It is simple to use and has no buttons or strange gestures. You can customize the time and view your average, best, and worst session time. You can even copy scrambles and view averages or personal bests. The timer is also a very useful tool for solving Rubik cubes. So, you should definitely check it out!

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