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Presentations are very important to leave a lasting impression on the audience, whether it be for an educational purpose or for a workplace. Giving a presentation that leaves an impact is quite necessary to correctly pave the road for your success.

But it is not easy to always create presentations from scratch. We might sometimes be in search for pre-made templates and slides that might help us save some time in creating a presentation. There are many sources which provide you with ready-made templates of PowerPoint and Google Slides but the reliable and trusted source that we are going to discuss in this article is Ohmyslide.

Ohmyslide is a leading platform in the industry that provides the users with professional templates for PowerPoint and Google Slides for free. Let’s dig into some details about how this platform works and how you can get templates for free.

What Are Slides Used For? 

Slides are a crucial part of any presentation. As most presentations are visual, they usually require some slides to explain and present vital parts of the presentation to the audience. Slide are used in many areas of life which are briefly discussed below:

  • Education 


If you need to create a presentation as your project task in front of your teacher, then you can take the help of slides. Slides may help you concentrate on the topics that you want to highlight in your presentations.

  • Business 

Slides are equally or more important in a professional environment as for educational purposes. It helps you attract and captivate the attention of your affiliates and help you score the deal with a beautifully presented slide.

  • Marketing  

Slides are used in the marketing industry quite frequently.it helps the marketing managers to create a lasting impact on everyone’s minds and create a distinguished picture of your business among the competitors.

What is Ohmyslide? 

Ohmyslide is an online platform which provides the users with various types of templates of slides that are suitable for making presentations on PowerPoint and Google Slides. You can select any slide from the various options available on the platform of Ohmyslide and download it and use it in your presentations.

Using different slides for presentation gives you the opportunity to bring diversity and uniqueness to all your work and slides. With a lot of variations of templates available, you can create presentations that will capture the attention of the audience.

Why Is It Better To Choose Ohmyslide? 

Ohmyslide can be a better option to choose while looking for slide templates as the website organizes slide designs and formats categorically. You can select the slide format based on the subject and choose from various available sections like business, education, marketing, medical, scientific or general purpose.

You can also browse different slide designs according to their color scheme which are available in multiple colors such as red, orange, green and white. In addition, you can select slides based on moods such as Cute, Creative, and Dark. The slide format on Ohmyslide is visually appealing and interesting which will help raise the interest of the audience in any presentation.

Apart from this, there is another section on the website which is dedicated to provide motion-based slides with small and little animations here and there.

Ohmyslide also hosts a blog where you can learn about various aspects related to slides and presentations like, ‘How to provide a killer presentation?’ and ‘How to create a compelling presentation slide?’

Along with all the features on the website, you can also subscribe to the monthly newsletter of Ohmyslide. It will give you detailed and informative mail every month regarding the new addition of templates on the website as well as share some tips with you to create the best types of presentations.

Ohmyslide Features 

Ohmyslide is a very useful website that has a diverse range of slide templates that can be used for various purposes. Here are some features of this website that our readers might like to read.

  • Ohmyslide is a free website to use
  • You can download as many templates from this website as you like
  • You can create presentations for PowerPoint and Google Slides
  • Use the slide for various purpose for education, business or marketing
  • The domain of this website is safe to use
  • The domain of the website is hosted by Cloud Flare
  • The SSL certificate of the website is valid
  • You can also reach Ohmyslide using various social media handles of this website on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.

How To Use Ohmyslide For Your Presentations? 

Ohmyslide is an online platform which is quite easy to use and you can download the templates from this website using the built-in downloader on any of your devices. However, if you are visiting this website for the first time and want to go through the downloading process once before actually trying it, then here are the steps that you can follow for easier downloading.

  • Open the browser on your device and visit the website www.ohmyslide.com
  • One the website, you can see a lot of options of slide divided into sections according to their color, mood, and type
  • Select any design you like and customize it according to your liking
  • After you have edited the template and are satisfied with the result, download the file
  • Use the downloaded template in your PowerPoint or Google Slides presentation
  • You can download as many templates you like from this amazing website for free
  • If you have any queries about using the template for your presentation, you can refer to the FAQs section of the website of Ohmyslide for expert opinions


Ohmyslide is an online platform which is dedicated to provide the users with slide templates that can be used in PowerPoint and Google Slides presentations. The ready-made slide available on the platform gives you the opportunity to use them in your presentations and save time.

There is a huge range of slide templates on Ohmyslide which is made available for the preference of all types of people.

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