Instagram’s top menswear influencers

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Instagram’s top menswear influencers

Instagram’s men’s fashion bloggers can be (comprar seguidores instagram portugal) either fashion photographers, bloggers, or fashion consultants. These men take great pride in their appearance.

Here are some menswear Instagram influencers. These accounts are extremely successful on social media and share the same passion for men’s fashion, elegance, and the latest trends.

These profiles have a very clean aesthetic with high-quality photos and well-done editing. This list of 15 Instagram influencers for men is a great source of inspiration if you want ideas for everyday outfits. More info

Instagram’s men’s fashion influencers

Below are some great Instagram profiles for menswear.

1. -Robert Spangle

Robert Spangle is the man behind Thousand Yard Style. The famous street photographer has collaborated with GQ, Vogue, and Esquire UK. comprar seguidores instagram portugal

He has been traveling for more than 36 weeks per year since 2013 and has worked 52 weeks to reach his goal of showing off the best Fashion Week looks.

He has more than 39,000 followers on Instagram. Spangle claims that style is always based on substance. He says it is not a code or a shield of masculinity but the result of the acquisition of harmony and self-knowledge.

2.- Mauro Del Signore

His profile includes many street fashion photos. He is a member of several agencies, including Sipa Press USA and Pacific Press. comprar seguidores instagram portugal

This Italian street style specialist is among the most influential. He’s looking for elegant and special people to stand out. He prefers neat, well-designed clothes that reflect the personality of the wearer.

His photographs are an inspiration, and he has over 29,000 subscribers.

3.- Phil Cohen

Phil Cohen was the art director at a graphic design agency before he decided to share his photos of various outfits with the world. comprar seguidores instagram portugal

He started to make still lives of clothing in a minimalist and classic style. Her profile has more than 670,000 followers. It features looks for work, travel, and everyday dressing.

4.- Matthew Zorbas

Zorbas, a Cyprus native, is a true Londoner and a great representative of today’s gentleman. His career took off when the English editions of Esquire ranked him second on their list of the best-dressed men in 2010.

5.- PelayoDiaz

Pelayo Diaz, a stylist, blogger, and fashion designer, is also a writer and TV columnist. His blog, “Katelovesme,” made him famous.

Pelayo was an “it-boy” in 2014 after a professional and emotional breakup with David Delfin. This was thanks to his entry on social networks, where he now has over 500,000 subscribers.

He was a model and became the main feature of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Madrid. Pelayo also reinterpreted Louis Vuitton’s Fall/Winter 2014 collection with Alba Galocha, a Spanish model.

6.- Scott Schuman

Schumman has been one of the most trendy bloggers since 2005 when he started the photography blog “The Sartorialist.” His fashion looks are well-known and widely copied.

Over a million followers on Instagram. Published a compilation of his best photos in 2009. He collaborates with some of the most prestigious fashion magazines.

7.- Mariano Di Vaio

This blogger and model from Italy, aged 26, has been considered one of the most influential style icons for many years. Note: comprar seguidores instagram portugal

His blog, “MDV Style,” a platform for all social media networks, earned him a lot of attention. Since most of his male peers were women, he was one of the first male influences. Eleonora Brunacci is his wife and contributes to his profile in the female world.

This is undoubtedly a great example of success, taste, and know-how. It is a great example of the Italian style that many men have copied. He has over 6.2 million Instagram followers.

8.- David Gandy

He is a professional model and the muse for brands such as Dolce & Gabbana, which set the standard in men’s aesthetics.

The very stylish Brit can be seen on Instagram. He is 35 and represents the long-awaited “British style.” He looks impeccable, no matter what he is wearing.

She is a lover of vests and hats. Her outfits are widely copied. His Instagram account has over 868,000 followers, many closely following his progress.

9.- Adam Gallagher

Adam Gallagher is another menswear influencer. His subscribers number in the millions: more than 2.1 million. His Instagram account features many beautiful photos. Your subscribers will love to see your clothes in San Francisco, Istanbul, Paris, London, and Paris.

10.- Andre Hamann

This Berliner was already a fashion show-goer before she lived a life of luxury with Selena Gomez. With her wild face and numerous tattoos, she’s an original model. He is 25 years old and considered one of Forbes magazine’s most highly paid models.

11.- Marcos Fecchino

Although his name may suggest that he is Italian, it’s not true. Fecchino is Argentinian. He was a model for over 20 years and worked hard to achieve a very high place.

He is also a model and an influencer for men on Instagram. Fetching is also a photographer. He is also a consultant for several brands, which allows him to stay on top of the latest men’s fashion trends. He has more than 58,300 followers on Instagram. check now

12.- Tinie Tempah

Tinie Tempah can also be an influencer for menswear on Instagram. The rapper is also the artistic director at “What We Wear” and an Instagrammer. Here, he posts small portraits of his daily life using his amazing collection of glasses, his favorite costumes, and other events.

He has 861,00 followers on Instagram.

13.- Bryan Yambao

Bryan Yambao, with more than 665,000 followers, was the only man on Forbes’ 2017 list of the most influential people in the world.

His photos reflect his relaxed and androgynous personality. He is closely associated with fashion under the name Bryantboy.

Note: comprar seguidores instagram portugal

The blogger began his journey on the Internet by creating a blog he described as a travel diary. He wrote it from his home in Manila.

He lives now in New York, and major fashion houses such as Gucci and Valentino and Prada, Prada, and Loewe trust him with their collaborations.

14.- Cup of Couples

Gabriel Garcia and Mike Madrid formed a couple that has made a name for themselves in fashion and design. They tell their stories through photos and videos.

This couple of photographers have worked with brands like Pantene and Prada, and they now have more than 362,000 subscribers. They believe photography is the best way to communicate and show experiences, looks, and travels to their subscribers to let them dive into their world.

Their publications are well-respected, and their outfits reflect a retro style with vintage airs. They can pose together or separately, depending on the case. They have 36,000 followers on Instagram.

15.- Alberto Ortiz Rey

Alberto Ortiz Rey, Madrid-based commerce and fashion designer is currently based there. His first blog was launched in 2008 with more than 250,000 Instagram followers.

This profile is easy to see. It emphasizes classic clothing and neutral colors. These looks are versatile and can be worn daily. If you look closely at his profile, you’ll see a bold person who likes to wear bright and colorful outfits. His outfits are a perfect combination of all styles for men’s fashion.


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