How to Select The Perfect Bed

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How to Select The Perfect Bed

Did you have any idea it’s National Bed Month? You read that the whole month is dedicated to encouraging you to get more sleep. It’s a dream. It’s a campaign run by the Furniture Lounge Sunderland National Sleep Council, the objective of National Bed Month is to bring awareness to the importance of excellent quality sleep and how finding the right bed can make all the world of distinction.

We at Homedesign can’t be more pleased, and today, we’re sharing our most important tips to assist you in choosing the ideal mattress.

What is the reason why buying the best mattress important?

Every person has different sleep needs and preferences. Therefore, the bed you choose to sleep on should consider these to ensure you have an enjoyable and restful night. Living room storage furniture UK

If you sleep with someone else, struggle with allergies, or like a more relaxed and comfortable sleeping environment, your sleep quality is influenced by the various features, including the bed’s size, the fabric selection, and mattress style.

What are the most important factors to consider when purchasing their dream mattress?

The first step in deciding is to consider the size of your room, and the bed must be the main focal point of the space. Simple, small designs could feel a bit out of place in an expansive main bedroom, and a king-sized bed could make small rooms cramped. Sunderland Furniture Centre

Your choice of bed should be balanced nicely with the rest of your floor space. One way to conceptualize every option and see how it fits into the room’s design is to draw out the dimensions of the bed with several stripes of masking tape placed on the walls and floors. The ideal Nolah nurture mattress should be able to adapt to your specific sleeping position. We move between 40-60 times throughout the night, so the incorrect bed could disturb your sleeping.

Firmer mattress

If you prefer Furniture Warehouse Sunderland to lie on your back, go for a firmer mattress, which can ease the pressure on your spine and conform to the body’s natural curves. A firm or medium-firm mattress will support the lower back all night long.

You can test how a mattress supports your back by lying with your back towards the ceiling and crossing your fingers on the lower and upper parts of your back. A loose or tight fit indicates that the mattress is not firm enough or soft.

Pocket spring mattresses offer individually nested pockets if you are sleeping with your partner. They can move independently in response to the changing body positions throughout the night, ensuring you can move freely without fear of becoming disruptive

The Homedesign Natural Wool Mattress has 2,200 springs individually nested within tough-wearing pockets of fabric to provide a soft yet comfortable feeling.

The wool layer helps improve the quality of your sleep all year long as it keeps you cozy during the winter months and wicking off the moisture that keeps your body cool during the hot summer seasons.

If you suffer from back pain. However, settling for an orthopedic bed could be an easy way to get relief. It will maintain the spine in alignment all night long with firm support.

Pocket Orthopaedic Mattress

The Pocket Orthopaedic Mattress by Homedesign has a cooling cotton blend with Superflex foam. A hypo-allergenic coating. Which protects mattresses from the ravages of dust mites to create a healthier sleeping space.

What are the expectations of those buying a mattress from a practical point of view? Consider the order and delivery. Furniture stores Sunderland

The showrooms are closed. For the time being, Homedesign has introduced new ways to shop online. Which allows customers to talk about their requirements with experts and get a closer view of our designs. Virtual consultations enable customers to enjoy the shopping experience in the comforts of their homes.

A designer from our team walks you through the store. However, zooming into more specific details and offering suggestions according to your particular requirements for sleep.

After delivery, our staff will set up the bed in your preferred room and take the necessary steps to ensure that the process is safe from Covid. If you’re self-isolating or are experiencing symptoms of the drug Covid-19 specific arrangements are made to facilitate the delivery.

Which are the top suggestions to design the perfect sleep space?

A bold style like the four-poster bed can provide a timeless effect for many years to come. While its primary function was to offer the privacy and warmth needed in cold bedrooms. It is now able to remain an iconic design. Providing the luxury of a cocooning experience to the space without overpowering the room.

The Marlow bed made by Tim Rundle for Homedesign is an ultra-slim. Modern reference to the timeless style. However, with a refined and sophisticated look.

Fabric headboards that are neutral in hues are a popular option to soften the appearance of straight lines while providing a sense of comfort to the sleep experience. A simple headboard with clean lines.

It’s crucial to select the correct bedding to ensure you get the most comfortable night’s rest. A higher number of threads indicates the highest quality of finish. Meaning it will last longer with comfort and for a long time.

Linen sheets made from pure linen are breathable and abrasive. Regulating temperatures throughout the year for warmth while taking away moisture throughout the summer.

Linen is also soft after every wash and has the natural elasticity needed to keep its relaxed. Casual style – perfect for creating the ideal sleep space.


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