How to Make an Assignment Extraordinary?

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Now-a-days, our education system has updated too much and practical based work has newly adapted into it. This new option is getting very much priority because of its wonderful outcome. Today from primary school to higher studies, there exists this field-work education program in different forms namely as projects, assignments, thesis, dissertation and so on. But making these assignments is not so easy, specially the college one, because they are higher level from the high school projects.

Not only that,  in CBCS  system in college, students don’t get enough time to make an assignment taking long time after completing their theoretical parts. So it’s very important to make an assignment properly in one click. The college assignments control the academic result of a student and also get sometimes considered in their entry level of professional life. Therefore we should maintain some guidelines during making of College Assignment Writing.

Here are 5 important tips:

Proper research & plan:  Before starting to make an assignment, thorough research is needed. At first, students should be cleared about the topic. Then they have to study from various resources like books, internet, journals, assignment help service etc. Keynotes from class lectures or various seminars may also be got profitable. After gathering knowledge, they should filter-out the most appropriate one and plan how to figure-out all this knowledge in a brief manner. This research and proper planning can make an assignment extraordinary. Not only that, it will reflect your hard work and efforts towards this assignment and also will represent what have you learned exactly.

Maintain proper structure:  A good assignment must be maintained in a proper structure. i.e

  • Attractive cover page with a catchy headline
  • A well presented index
  • A good introduction where a reader can be informed about the topic in a simple word
  • A body furnished by rich contents
  • Conclusion
  • References
  • Greet the Assignment helper

Without this proper structure an assignment cannot get a good grade.


Impressive introduction:

Introduction of any assignment is a part where it represents the nature to its readers. Reading it, the readers decide whether it should be read or not. So making it attractive is very important in order to make the reader feel attentive to read it out. In introduction, topic also should be discussed very clearly in simple words.

Using diagrammatic representation:

In the body portion of the assignment, the all information should not be written in a boring manner. Instead of that, adding of graphs, charts, diagram, videos etc. can make it more presentable. The colorful keywords can draw more attention of readers. So, the main pillar should be the most attractive part of an assignment, which automatically will get reflected in the final marks.

Using examples or experimental results:

An assignment will be more attractive when a reader found that the information used by the author is practically proved. A Suitable example against any argument should be attached. Survey results or any proved result of experiment can be attached. Reaction formulas and mathematical forms (in case of science assignments) are highly appreciated in these projects.


After completing the whole assignment, students should recheck it thoroughly. Any grammatical error, spelling mistake and content missing should not be entertained as it creates a bad impression on the reader and can spoil the whole efforts.

Maintain deadline:

There will be some instructions in every assignment like word  count, topics to be discussed, page formatting, time etc. These instructions should be followed strictly. An assignment submitted maintaining all the deadlines, specially the given time; will automatically get the good grade. Not only that, this good habit will also give benefit to the students in their professional life.

Greet the Assignment helpers:

Greeting the assignment helpers is also an ornamentation of an assignment. Though it’s not a mandatory part, student should add this section positively in their projects. It represents that how much a student is honest and liable. The work – Assignment help is not an easy job and whosoever do that, they should be honored. Sometimes this liability can make a student different from others and it may be reflected in his marks of job interview.

An assignment is a visual representation of your research as well as field work knowledge. It should always be enriched with appropriate contents. But perfection is also a key to success. Therefore rich knowledge along with attractive ornamentation can make a simple, boring assignment an extraordinary one which also makes a student’s academic career brighter.

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