How Much Does It Cost to Set Up a Company in Dubai?

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Dubai is a dreamy place to start their venture for any business aspirant. As we all know the fact, how the economy of Dubai is booming by each passing day. But the question raises what will be the cost to set up a company in city like Dubai? And how I am going to achieve my dream? So, you are at the right place to learn basic yet important information about the company setup in Dubai.

Options for company setup in Dubai:

As per current reports, Dubai is offering mainly three types of company and you can opt from any of them as per your business plan. Whole registration requires proper and professional set of steps to perform. One should hire a professional and well-informed business setup consultant in Dubai for recommendation. They will help you even in choosing the type of company you should work on for your start up in Dubai. There help will let your company formation quick and smooth.

These companies are furthermore divided in sub classes that will be easily found in our more blogs. You can set up any of the following companies.

  1. Offshore company in Dubai
  2. Limited liability company
  3. Freezone company.
    You can choose any of these main categories which is going to suit the best for your business plan and structure.

Cost to set up a company in Dubai:

Cost of setting up your company in Dubai is a variable and can be change time to time. Cost of your business is dependent upon few factors that is the nature of business, involved activities, location, documentation, and approvals. On an estimate mainland company formation could cost you around 25000 AED. And freezone company cost you around 50000AED for company share and at least 12000 AED for shareholder.
The values mentioned are as per the current rate and they can be fluctuated. Keep in mind that the first approval of business application fee is minimum. The above-mentioned cost is total estimated cost of company formation in Dubai.
Also, you can avail any trade license in Dubai within easy and budget friendly way from best business consultants of Dubai. Also, they are very well aware about any changed and revised policy or rule, so you do not have to worried about any cancellation and problem because of less awareness and knowledge about application’s requirements.

Required documents for company setup:

There are few documents that are must for company formation in Dubai which are as follows. Make sure that you provide authentic and officially proven documents for your company formation otherwise you might get blacklisted if you try to bluff the authorities. And that is definitely not a good idea for credibility and reputation.

  • License application (you can fill out the online form as well for initial proceedings)
  • Attested LLC document
  • NO objection certificate NOC from legal advisory
  • Governmental forms
  • Trade name reservation form
  • Office space requirement Ejari certificate
  • Tenancy agreement
  • Approvals from external and higher authorities
  • Embassy approvals and clearance report
  • Business activity module
  • Partnership agreement (private, public, or joint venture)
  • Bank account summary
  • Certification from authority as per business nature. For example, you need to get an approval from (health ministry for opening a pharmaceutical or health related company)
  • Valid passport and Visa copies
  • Photographs

Bottom line:

All in all, forming your own company is exciting. And when it comes to open your setup in a city like Dubai, the level of excitement and pressure is so overwhelming. Although, having right information about the steps and procedure will become a great blessing for any business aspirant. Each and every moment is extremely crucial especially when you know the competition is too high. And you have limited resources and chance to make it a winning situation for yourself.

So, do not waste this premium opportunity to setup your own company in boosting economy of all time. And reach out the best business setup company in town for your consultancy and right guidance. It is far better to use your money in hiring professionals for such sensitive matters rather then trusting your raw knowledge and expertise. Elite business setup is here to offer you all the services under one roof which is essential for a company formation in Dubai.

So, pack your bags and get ready for your company build up in UAE with us.

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