How and Why do Companies use Python?

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Python is a free and open-source programming language designed for simple, fast and easy to read. Guido Van Rossum developed this language in the year 1989. It is incredibly versatile, which means it is use for web development and data science.

That is why many companies prefer to use Python. Due to its huge importance, Students studying computer science often make an assignment on python programming, and they need programming assignment help to complete their assignments. In this blog, we will study its uses by big corporations, but before that, let’s focus on its history.

History of Python:

It is a general-purpose and high-level language designed by Rossum in 1991 and later developed by the Python software foundation. The work on this language started in the 1980s and finished in 1991. Rossum started application-based work in December 1989 in the Netherlands.

Firstly they started this project as a hobby to keep himself busy during Christmas.

But later, large corporations started using this language because it is easy to learn and read. Also, its libraries and different frameworks make everything more efficient. The code written in the python language can also be integrate with another language.

This application works perfectly when companies want to upgrade their system. To know more about it, seek python assignment help. Now we will discuss some reasons why companies prefer this language.

Advantages of Python Language

As we already discussed, python codes are easily integrated with other languages. It has huge libraries & frameworks which are scalable, and it also secures blocks of reusable code written by someone else. Due to this, writing code for web development is very easy and efficient.

Now coder does not have to write every line of code by themselves. Libraries are small codes already prewritten, and you can easily integrate them with your code. If we talk about the framework, they are usually large forms of codes that help the developers to write applications more efficiently.

You can consider your project like a building. The framework is like a model of that particular building. You have to choose the finishing touches. Libraries are like accessories or furniture for that particular building. Thus these are some major advantages of using python language. To know more about it, get python assignment help. Next, we are going to discuss some companies which use python language.

How do companies use Python?

Python is one of the most popular languages right now, and it has become a foundation for major companies like Google, Spotify, Instagram, Quora and even dropbox. Some other companies which use its frameworks are Facebook, Netflix and even Reddit.

Every company uses this language for a different purpose. Some use it for back-end development, while others for crawling and indexing webpages. Let’s discuss all these companies briefly. Get a programming assignment help to know more about it.


The love of Google for Python is well known. They rewrote its entire code for web crawler by using Python. Previously it was written through java. Crawlers are like bots which collect information about web pages and then organise them in the search index.

There is a very famous statement by the Googlers which says, “Python where we can and C++ where we must”. Python is use for those parts where less maintenance and rapid deployment are require.

On the other hand, C++ is use where good memory is require. 15% of the job openings for Google in 2019 are just for a python developer. Seek programming assignments help to know more about it.


This app is built on the foundation of Python. In 2016, Instagram use the largest framework deployment, and the name of the framework was Django. This framework was entirely written in the python language. This framework is use for both front-end and back-end development. Get a Python assignment help to know more about it.

 Netflix and Spotify:

They both use Python for the analysing of data. Many times you see some recommendations while using these apps. This all work is done through python language. In Spotify, features like top lists, A/B analysis, external reports and dashboards are used by Python.


Facebook uses this language for production engineering. If you go by the percentage, then 21% of Facebook code is written through Python. Due to its simplicity, the engineers on Facebook can easily interact with its APIs. Due to its vast libraries, engineers can do their work very fast. Seek python assignment help for further information.

They also use this for maintaining the hardware imaging, infrastructure, and operational automation. Some other uses are giving power to different network devices of Facebook, handling service failure, maintenance & testing and server maintenance.

So these are some top companies which use Python extensively. It has various other reasons also like:

  1. Easy to Use: Python is very easy to use compared to other languages like c and C++. If you are a beginner, then you can easily learn it. It will take very less time to understand its core development.
  2. Fast language: Python was slow, but now that is solve. Now it is one of the fastest languages which is update continuously.
  3. Python is efficient: Python is very good at handling large chunks of data, which makes it very efficient language.
  4. Future: It is a language use for the future. Technologies like machine learning, big data and artificial intelligence will require Python. In data analysis it is the best language. Get programming assignment help for further information.

Take an example of drop box; they used Python extensively. It serves at least 40 million users through its code, which has just 100 lines. If they go by c and C++, they have to write 1000 lines. So, all these advantages make the python perfect for the present and future.

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