Double Fuel Solutions for Diesel Engines

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Dual fuel has two synchronous burners. Dual-fuel solutions include specialized equipment that can be used for low-speed and high-speed diesel engines to mix abundant methane (usually natural gas) with a fuel such as diesel. When jumping, the engine can only run on diesel. However, a “gas only” operation is not possible. Dual fuel solution for diesel engines. In a dual fuel system, a small amount of diesel fuel serves as the fuel source for the mixture. Methane-containing gas removes a significant portion of diesel fuel and provides similar heat output when burned in the cylinder. The emission of greenhouse gases from these engines is progressive. With the current market demand, this also means lower prices.

1- Diesel engine accessories for diesel engines

EO Energy offers the best DG dual fuel diesel generator kits. Convert your existing DG Genset into a dual power package. Our organization is a reliable distributor. The second largest manufacturer of gasoline systems in India. In addition, here is a complete overview of the generator fuel kits for sale. More details on dual fuel system pricing and pricing questions.

 2- Dual power system for generators

According to CPCB & According to NGT data, diesel generators are the main source of pollution. Many state governments also ban the use of diesel engines. The best way to upgrade your existing DG generator to dual power is to install a dual power generator. This makes the DG design more sustainable with lower cost and emissions than diesel generators. EO Energy offers the best dual power units in Delhi-NCR at affordable prices in India. All fuel assemblies are thoroughly tested for all test parameters before installation at the Customer Service Station. Ask for the price and fuel specifications for the two fuel units.

Dual fuel system technology and equipment

Dual fuel technology gives new life to the DG generator. It is a dual-fuel technology that uses methane fuel and diesel fuel to power the engine. Both fuel systems have components that help them be efficient. 

1. Mixture of air and gas (AGM):

Bi-fuel and gas mixers are an important part of the fuel system. It all depends on the quality of the mixture. The mixer ensures a uniform mixture of air/gas and air/fuel (AFR) for all engine speeds and loads. This AGM sits between the air filter and the turbocharger and supplies these gases to provide enough power. 

2. Gas Line:

A gas train controls the flow of gas through a wind-powered gas turbine. Maintain steady fuel and gas levels low, and operate the gas mixer with air and air or low vacuum. The gas train also has various components that can supply air pressure to the pneumatic gas mixer.

How does a dual fuel system work? Gas used as fuel can be obtained from pipelines or local storage. Combustion air is blown through a gas pipe containing a gas filter, gas pressure regulator and solenoid valve. The final throttle controls the balance of injected fuel. The throttle cable takes the low-pressure intake gas and directs it to the engine through a small opening.

The dual fuel system supplies the combustion cylinder with fuel gas through a gas rail from a special air turbine. The dual-fuel system is based on proven components and powerful technical control of the gasoline engine.

 Offers a perfect gas-air mixture and high gear ratios.

Gas control systems and systems based on gas mixers with two gas engines up to 2 MW are suitable for stationary applications and heavy-duty vehicles. The mixer is installed at the engine intake before the turbocharger. Combustion is driven by diesel as the ignition source and is achieved by gas ignition. Consistency in the two solutions to oil law

Due to the conversion of existing DG to dual-fuel equipment, the generator complies with government regulations and can be used all year round without worrying about misconduct during the DG ban period.

The DG Haryana Pollution Control Board Ban NGT Act* and the Tamil Nadu Pollution Control Board have issued orders repeating the NGT Act on the conversion of diesel generators to gas generators.


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