Desert Safari Dubai: How to make it Best

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Overall best Dubai desert tour

Thousands of customers have said good things about desert safari Dubai in their reviews. You can go on an exciting adventure for a full day and night in the Dubai desert. To go dune bashing, you’ll first get in a 4×4 and drive out of the city. Another thing you can do is sandboarding. Then there’s a camp with traditional snacks, a camel ride across the sand, henna painting, and the chance to meet some falcons. At night, there will be a BBQ buffet and traditional shows.


The best Dubai safari for a night

This is your chance to make the most of your time in the Dubai desert by sleeping outside under the stars. When you get to the Lahbab Desert, you can ride quad bikes and go dune bashing on the sand. After that, you can do something fun like sandboarding. Then you’ll go to your campsite for the night, where you can ride a camel and watch the sun go down over the dunes. You can eat a big dinner at camp and watch traditional dances.


Best budget safari in Dubai

Everything in Dubai doesn’t have to be very expensive. This Dubai desert safari Group is cheap and gives you a lot. First, a Land Cruiser will take you out into the desert, and then you’ll try dune bashing. Then it’s time to sandboard over the dunes before going to a Bedouin camp to watch the sun go down. You can ride a camel in the evenings and get henna tattoos on your hands (and with a BBQ dinner).


Best luxury desert safari in Dubai

This Dubai desert safari will be fun for you if you like a little more luxury and don’t mind paying for it. You will be picked up in a Range Rover and taken on a dirt road into the desert. Then you’ll go to a particular place among the dunes to watch the sunset and have a private silver-service dinner.


Other Dubai desert tours that are worth doing

You cannot often see desert dunes from 4,000 feet in the air. So, this seems like an odd choice. But you won’t just be able to ride in a hot air balloon. You’ll also get to do fun things like quad biking and more.


Evening Desert Tour with Quad Bike & BBQ Dinner

You can leave the city in an air-conditioned jeep and go to the Lahbab Desert. There will be quad biking first. Unlike dune bashing, you can drive yourself over the dunes, which will be a thrilling experience. After that, it’s time to go to a Bedouin camp for a traditional meal as the sun sets. Music and belly dancing shows are part of the evening’s entertainment.


Overnight Dubai Desert Safari & Gourmet Breakfast

Here’s a different way to spend the night in the desert. It starts pretty coolly: a genuine Land Rover from the 1950s will drive you out of town. You will spend time looking for animals in the beautiful Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve and then go to a Bedouin camp. Here, you can watch cultural activities like bread-making, henna painting, and music, and then have a delicious dinner under the stars. When you wake up, traditional breakfast and freshly brewed coffee await you—a great way to begin the day.


Dubai: Balloon ride in the early morning with breakfast and a picture of a falcon

This morning desert safari from Dubai is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for people who like to get up early and make the most of the day. But you should know it begins early. It was actually before dawn. You’ll leave the city and go to the desert, where a hot air balloon will be waiting to take you high above the sand so you can see a beautiful sunrise. You can also see Arabian animals and green oases in the sand dunes. After the balloon ride, you’ll be able to eat a freshly cooked breakfast before heading back to the city (I’d hang out by the pool, but that’s just me!).

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