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Keeping an eye on what’s happening in your home is something we all desire. Who doesn’t want to know what happens in their homes or in their backyard when they are gone? Even worse in the events of unknown robbery. But it’s really costly to find and set up a complete home Security camera installation system. But at the same time finding indoor Wi-Fi cameras is a cheap option. And have become very common when it comes to home security without having to worry about the extra expenses that come with it.

One of the biggest benefits of indoor CCTV Installation Services is that they can be Wi-Fi connected. This allows you to connect from anywhere in the world from a smartphone as long as your smartphone has an internet browsing capability. Whom are we kidding? That’s about every smartphone in the world.

But not all cameras are created equal. Different cameras are built for different purposes. Generally, you want a camera that’s easy to set up and use. But at the same time, the camera needs to be discreet enough to hide.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the camera needs to have amazing results. Generally, you can find cameras with 1080p which has become the standard resolution. But it’s best to go for cameras that offer optical zoom instead of digital zoom. Digital zoom cameras end up pixelating the image if you zoom too much. Digital zoom cameras are best for short range. Such as a camera monitoring your door. For anything that requires a long-range zoom like cameras in the back-yard optical zoom is best.

Also, the camera angle is another thing you need to focus on. Different cameras have different lenses and thus different fields of view. It’s best to go for a CCTV installation that has a field view in the range of 100 and 180 degrees. The ability to digitally pan and tilt the camera from your controller is another advantage.

Another important thing to keep in mind is how security cameras connect.  Some offer a direct connection with a wire link which is outdated these days. And some cameras offer wireless functionality. It’s best to avoid CCTV Cameras service that doesn’t offer wireless connection support. WIFI cameras are best. Some company gives more connectivity features such as Bluetooth or separate home automation networking systems. The most important thing about connectivity is how you can access the camera after a successful connection. The easiest and simplest way is either through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

Keeping all these above requirements in mind we have compiled a list of excellent products that will give you a bang for your buck.

Best Camera List:

Wyze Cam Pan

This is a great camera if your bit on a budget. It’s inexpensive and offers some impressive motion tracking capability and time-lapse videos. It also has a good mechanical pan and title while at the same time offering high-quality video recording at 1080p. It offers free cloud and local storage and can easily integrate with Alexa and IFTTT.

This camera is perfect for short range but does not work well for long range and causes image distortion at large distances.

The bottom line is the Wyze cam pan is a very cheap indoor security camera that is fully packed with features including the ability to manually pan and tilt with motion tracking and Alexa and IFTTT support.

This camera is small and can easily be hidden. It has a motorized base for mechanical panning with a pan range of 360-degree and 93-degree vertical titles. In addition to that, the Cam pan offers light sensors and an led indicator that glows dark blue when it is connected and flashes yellow when the setup is in progress. On the motorized base, the camera also has a microSD card slot, a USB port for powering the camera, and a microphone. The camera comes with a few accessories including a six-foot USB power cable and a USB power adapter. Other than that you get a paper manual to quickly set up your camera.

This camera offers amazing video quality at 1080p video at 15fps with an 8x digital zoom and a complete 120-degree field of view. This camera has 6 powerful infrared LEDs to provide night vision up to 30 feet. It also has a built-in 802.11 Wi-Fi adapter to connect to your home network and operates on a 2.4gh band.

Other features of this cam include sound detection, smoke detection, and alarm detection, and allow the use of a micro-SD which is not included. The installation is also really easy and this cam comes with its own personal app which makes the setup really quick.

D-Link Full HD Wi-Fi Camera DCS-8300LH

This is another amazing product. This camera offers 1080p video with free cloud storage and local storage. Motion and sound detection are also included with support from Alexa. It does have some minor barrel distortion as one of its drawbacks.

This device also offers simple integration with Alexa, and Google Assistant and is now supporting IFTTT applets that work with other smart devices in your home. It’s a puck-shaped camera that rests on top of a horseshoe-shaped stand.

The camera has a video quality of 1080p with 30fos and a 130-degrees view. The night vision LED infrareds provide up to 16 feet of black-white view. The right side holds a MicroSD card slot where you can insert up to 128 GB of storage capacity.

I Smart Alarm I Camera Keep Pro

This is the last camera on our list. This camera is an absolute killer. It offers one of the sharpest image quality with motion tracking.  It also comes with free cloud storage and also has a local storage capability and easily integrates with IFTTT and iSmart Alarm security system.

The only drawback of this camera would be that it is a little pricey.

The Camera pro is a svelte-looking device with a black finish and is about 5 inches tall with a mechanical base. It offers 350-degree panning while the lens offers a 40-degree mechanical tilt.

It offers a resolution of about 1920 by 1080 pixels.


In conclusion, all these cctv installation near me are absolutely great. But in the end, we would recommend iSmartAlarm’s camera to be the winner if we had to. This camera is packed with a wealth of features in its stylish frame which includes a very stylish frame. It also has one of the best motion tracking abilities and it can follow objects while at the same time it takes a series of snapshots. The quality that wyzeCam delivers at such a low price is also another amazing feature.

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