5 Things to Do to Prevent Your Lonely Kitty’s Boredom

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Feline fur babies can get extremely bored and lonely when their human companions get busy with work outside the home during the day. Perhaps if another pet were in the household, your munchkin wouldn’t have been as depressed during your absence.

Lack of companionship and pent-up energy can wreck your fluffy baby’s health. Expect negative behaviors like compulsive biting, chewing, scratching, and aggression in such a case. If your kitty pie displays significant behavioral changes, it might be time for a vet visit.

Very little activity and exercise can reduce a furball’s quality of life and adversely affect its health. Your vet can recommend behavioral training and mental and physical stimulation activities that can help keep your furry pet happy and healthy.

Pay attention to your four paw’s behaviors, as they can give you vital insights about its health status. Often, behavioral problems can result from treatable physical health issues, which is why you should closely monitor your pet.

Simultaneously consider being prepared with cat insurance so that providing medical care during distressing health situations is much easier. Contemplate purchasing cheap cat insurance in the least so your kitty cat is assured basic health benefits during non-routine vet visits and emergencies.

In the meantime, read this article to learn a few things to prevent your feline pet’s boredom while it is home alone.

1. TV shows

Consider leaving your television ON so your furry friend can enjoy some cat-friendly shows like cartoons, cat movies, and wildlife while you are away from home. Otherwise, play some videos dedicated to cat entertainment to keep your cat occupied for a brief period.

2. Window perch

A window perch allows your pet to sit comfortably and watch little critters, birds, squirrels, and people roaming around at the other side of the window. This seat provides your cat with a vantage point to observe the ongoings outside and lets it bathe in the sunshine. It could be an ideal spot to snooze as well.

3. Wall perch

Install wall perches so your cat can move around the house instead of lying on the couch lazily when you are not there. Wall perches are available in many variations. For instance, perches can come with hammocks, ladders, or hideaways. Perches at different levels will allow your frisky pet to climb high places and stay there to feel safe.

4. Cat-safe toys

A kitty can get bored when there is nobody else to play with. This is especially true when its owners don’t return for hours at a stretch. In such a situation, provide your kitty with ample cat-safe toys to keep it engaged. For instance, catnip toys, stuffed toys, puzzle toys, and robotic toys are pretty popular in the cat world.

5. Adopt another furball


No cat deserves to be lonely. If you can afford to care for another cat, consider bringing one home. It could be a fully grown cat, a senior feline, or a baby kitten; check what could be a perfect match for your already settled kitty.

However, remember that more pets mean more responsibility. Can you provide it with bare essentials and support it with proper medical care during unanticipated health situations? Can you afford at least cheap cat insurance for your furry young ones?

If you haven’t thought about these things, then maybe you should start thinking. Also, contemplate purchasing cat insurance for your fur child if it doesn’t have a medical backup already. This way, your furry precious can get quality medical care with minor economic hassle during challenging times of health.

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