5 life saving mantras for Class 10, 12 board students

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The examinations for the CBSE class 10 and 12 boards are not an easy task. All students want to score well in these exams, but only a few manage it perfectly without feeling under pressure or getting scared of failure altogether because they know how important this phase is when deciding what career path one should take up afterwards

Mentioning “top layer” shows that there’s more than just academic brilliance required; It also includes mental preparedness which can be difficult sometimes especially if you’re handling all aspects by yourself while studying hard at home alone since your parents aren’t around most days during examination periods.

What is the reason behind scoring well in exams?

If a student follows the right strategy and plans accordingly, he can achieve his desired score. Keeping oneself busy in meeting the need for finishing syllabus is one way to avoid smart-study because it will only get you average marks on tests; however there’s no harm doing some quick studying methods such as rote learning which may be slower but tend produce better results when studied carefully enough!

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1. Strategic planning

To improve exam performance, one should consider allocating more time to study and reduce other activities that have nothing do with their exams. This will allow for a better use of your limited resources by cutting down unnecessary chores or meetings while still maintaining personal obligations like work permits required in some countries where you live after returning from college/university abroad (e..g Canada). You can also join online discussions about topics relevant during the test; this helps individuals who may feel separated from friends when studying alone because they don’t know what others might be learning material wise yet – at least until everyone starts using self-surveillance techniques!

2. Pattern of study

It is important that students do not give equal time and energy to all the topics. They should spend more quality readings on a few key points, while leaving others behind with their holes intact for future study sessions or papers in which they will need these additional resources.

-The author uses creative language patterns throughout this passage  which makes reading less boring.

Fill the void: If a student is having difficulty with mathematics, they should spend more time on the subject because of its importance to their education. Many students have problems in this area and it can hold back progress if not addressed properly

Balance tough and easy subjects:

To increase your chances of passing the subject, make sure you devote some time to each different category. For example if mathematics is tough for someone then they should try taking up another easy class such as language or art instead so that it will be easier on them and still allow themselves enough study hours in total

The key thing here iz dat yu shoudl b Carefully consider which hurdles might pose problems when trying tuh follaw th’girlspractic’s advice!

3. Review process

You should always keep yourself up-to date and see whether or not your plan is successfu Try bringing out the best version of yourself so that when it comes time for self review again next year (or however long since), everything has improved drastically from before

A lot goes into preparing ourselves both mentally and physically during our everyday lives but there’s no better feeling than knowing somebody who exceeded expectations because they worked hard enough on themselves.

5. Relax!

pressure can be a killer. It’s easy to get caught up in the moment when you’re about to take on your biggest project yet, but it might just pressure yourself into quitting before even starting! Be sure not let this happen- have plenty of breaks and enjoy life while still pushing forward with confidence so that at least one day those moments will come where all is right again because we got our sweaties worth outta each individual task no matter how challenging they seemed beforehand.

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