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Sophia O’Neill was born in the country of the United States of America in the year 1999. Edward Leonard O’Neill was her father’s name, and his surname was O’Neill. The woman who is her mother is Catherine Rusoff. Claire O’Neill also has a sister named Claire O’Neill.

Sophia O’Neill is a relative novice to the world of acting. Sophia O’Neill has worked on a few projects and has produced outstanding results. She is also well-known as the daughter of Edward Leonard O’Neill. Ed O’Neill is a well-known comedian and actor in the United States.

Body Measurement

Sophia O’Neill is a lovely woman with a charming attitude. The ambitious actress stands at a height of 5 feet and 7 inches. She weighs 60 kg. Furthermore, the following are the general body measurements: 35 inches in the bust, 27 inches in the waist, and 40 inches in the hips.

Early Years

Sophia O'Neill - Bio, Age, Net Worth, Height, Single, Nationality, Body  Measurement, Career


Sophia O’Neill was born in the year 1999 in the United States of America. She will be 21 years old in 2021. Her father’s name is Edward Leonard O’Neill. Catherine Rusoff is her mother’s name. Claire O’Neill, her sister, is also a model. She is a Christian who lives in the United States with her family.

In addition, she is of Caucasian ancestry. She graduated from a small high school in her community in terms of formal schooling. While she pursues her post-secondary studies. She hasn’t, however, gone into much detail about it.


Sophia has decided to follow in her father’s footsteps and pursue a career in show business. At the early age of 10, she made her debut as a child artist in 2009. Her debut film, Modern Family, was released in 2009. She’s also appeared in An American Funeral and On the Block II. She is also better known as the daughter of Edward Leonard O’Neill.

Ed is a well-known actor and comedian. He has appeared in more than seventy television programmes and films to date. For his talents and commitment, he was awarded with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2011. He has also been nominated for various national and international awards during his career. He’s also won them a total of eleven times. He has received four Screen Actors Guild Awards.

Net Worth

Sophia is concentrating on her studies at the moment. She, on the other hand, enjoys a nice life with her family. As a consequence of her labour on a few projects, she has earned considerable fortune. Her total net worth is predicted to be approximately $10 million US dollars as of 2021. Ed O’Neill, her father, has a net worth of around USD 6 million as of 2021.

Private Life

Because Sophia isn’t married, we’ll move on to her personal and romantic life. She is not married and is not associated in any manner with another man. On the other side, her parents met on television, and their friendship grew into a married relationship in 1986. Surprisingly, the couple had a three-year separation in the interval.

They did, however, get back together. Together, the couple has two kids. Sophia also expresses her gender preferences openly. She also avoids getting entangled in any form of argument.

Sophia O’Neill Father

Sophia O’Neill Ed O’Neill, an American actor and comedian, was born in Youngstown, Ohio, on April 12, 1946, and will reach 75 years old in 2021. The Actors Equity Association has Ed O’Neill as a member. Edward Phillip O’Neill was born to Ruth Ann O’Neill, a housewife and social worker, and Edward Phillip O’Neill, a mill worker and driver. Their son was Edward Phillip O’Neill. His most famous roles were as Al Bundy in the television sitcom “Married…with Children” and Jay Pritchett in the show “Modern Family.”

The Pittsburgh Steelers took a shot on him by signing him as an undrafted free agent in 1969, but he was cut during training camp. He then returned to Ursuline High School to resume his role as a social studies teacher for the students there.

Sophia O’Neill Mother

Sophia O’Neill’s mother, Catherine Russoff, is the lady who gave birth to her (born 1954). She played Mona Squab in “Just Married…With Children,” a second-season episode of Married with Children, and Betsy in “If Al Had a Hammer,” a sixth-season episode of Married with Children. She is married to Ed O’Neill, the actor who portrays Al Bundy in the series.

Ed O’Neill is one of the cast members of MWC. Catherine, who was born and reared in Teaneck, New Jersey, graduated from Teaneck High School in 1972 with a high school diploma. Catherine has acted in a variety of roles on both the little and large screens.


This should have answered all of your questions regarding Sophia O’Neill. She is a lovely woman with a charming attitude. She is a relative novice in the world of acting. She is also well-known as the daughter of Edward Leonard O’Neill.

Her total net worth is predicted to be approximately $10 million US dollars as of 2021 and she is not married and is not associated in any manner with another man.

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