A Complete Guide to Kraft Paper

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Kraft boxes or kraft paper is also know as natural brown cardstock. It is a cardboard material make a chemical paste of the kraft process. Kraft paper is widely use in e-commerce and food packaging. They are known for their strength, elasticity, and biodegradability. Natural kraft paper is light brown, while bleach paper is white.

Natural Kraft paper is the most durable traditional packaging material. It can be use where maximum strength is required, such as in industrial bags, shopping bags, and inner layers of multi-walled bags. So, corrugated boxes can also be make from Kraft paper. Bleach kraft paper is the best type of white paper.

Kraft paper is suitable for products that require strength, printability, appearance, and durability.

Packaging Design

Kraft Paper Production Process

eco-friendly Kraft paper is make using the Kraft process; this involves the chemical transformation of wood pulp into paper pulp. The structural elements of wood are lignin and cellulose. So, as lignin is not a suitable material, it must first be separate from cellulose. The wood chips are cook in a white liqueur make sodium sulfide or hydroxide. Lignin is separate from cellulose to make solid wood pulp. After the wood chips are reduce to paste, they are filter to remove larger pieces. Before manufacturing various paper products, the pulp is clean of any cooking liquid.

Kraft Paper Types

Kraft paper is distinguish by the way they are process.

  • Kraft paper in white and brown
  • Sea kraft paper

Brown Kraft paper is a natural product make by wood pulp. Bleaching kraft paper would increase its cost and weaken it by destroying the fibers that make it so durable.

White Kraft Paper

White kraft paper has a higher potency level than regular paper; it is make bleaching with sulfonate. Sulfonate bleaching makes white kraft paper. There are many ways to whiten the thigh. The most common bleaching method was chlorine bleaching. The discovery that chlorine bleach contained small amounts of dioxin made this process much more popular.

Kraft paper can also be made of other types of wood. Traditional paper is not made of certain woods, such as pine and bamboo. Pine is too resinous, and bamboo takes too long to process correctly. This makes it prohibitively expensive for the most common uses. Both kinds of wood are excellent candidates for kraft paper.

Kraft Packaging Materials

What are the Benefits of Kraft Paper in the Packaging Industry?

Kraft paper is a cost-saving option for packaging because it adds less weight. Eco-friendly kraft paper is also make directly from unbleach pulp. Natural brown kraft boxes are made mainly of recycled kraft paper. Kraft paper packaging is also cost-effective. If you choose a coated, unbleached brown paper or corrugated cardboard and throw it in your garden, it will compost naturally.

It will disappear into the ground in a few weeks. If there are no traces of ink, there will be no trace of brown wrapping paper. The soil is not affect this process.

Brown Kraft Boxes

Pure brown paper is a well-known product packaging material. So, pure brown paper is a versatile packaging material that can be uing save time and money for your company.

For many reasons, the prefer method of transportation is corrugated kraft paper.

  • It’s easy
  • It is durable
  • It is accessible
  • Can be customizeable and printing

Because they are light, corrugated kraft boxes can add some weight to an object.

Crucial Marketing Element

How to reduce your delivery cost down

You can reduce or transfer delivery costs while keeping the item’s weight constant. Kraft paper is an excellent addition to packaging materials. It is strong and can be use to pack things safely.

Brands that want to make the most of the natural texture of kraft paper while creating a custom-printed butcher paper unboxing experience are a great choice.

You will find many options for packaging and printing the product. We understand that your goal is to reduce costs while creating a beautiful and accessible presentation for your customers.

Talk to the team of Rush Custom Boxes if you are interest in using kraft paper for custom kraft packaging boxes for your company. Their skills, experience, and equipment will help you turn your product packaging into reality.

All their work is design to increase the value and understanding of your product. Regardless of the product you sell or your business, their packaging experts can help you understand your vision and make it a reality.

You may want to create a natural, durable, attractive box or highlight your eco-oriented and forward-thinking mission. Kraft paper is the perfect choice to show you the simplicity, organic quality, and “home-made” of your product in a concise packaging design.

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